Cats Cradle Boarding Cattery

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)?
A: The Feline Advisory Bureau is a UK charity that promotes the health and welfare of cats. It is run and administered by vets and researchers and is the primary source of information on cat welfare in the country. FAB also set standards for boarding catteries, providing information to cat lovers every where.

Q: Does my cat need to be inoculated before coming to Cats Cradle?
A: All cats must have valid and up-to-date vaccination certificate which must be produced before being admitted into the cattery.

Q: What are your opening times?
A: All visiting times are arranged before hand, please call 01491-680612 to book a convenient slot. Please do not just turn up.

Q: How far in advance should I book my cat in?
A: We get very busy across all the major holidays; Christmas, Easter and Summer. During these times customers generally book months in advance, outside of these periods we would recommend you call to arrange your cats booking as soon as you have an indication of the dates required. We frequently have customers book their holidays around our availability.